Custom Tools
Maple Chair Scrapers

     The chair scrape and chair maker's devil are traditional woodworking tools not very well known today.  This is curious since the chair scrape is an extremely versatile tool useful in forming odd shapes, working
difficult grain, or cleaning up after roughing out with a bandsaw, spokeshave, or coarse rasp.  It can take a surprisingly heavy cut or can be set for the finest finishing work. 

     The chairmaker's devil is specifically designed to round spindles for Windsor chairs. Unlike spokeshaves which cut like a chisel or plane, the chair scrape and chairmaker's devil operate on the scraping principal:  the blade is nearly vertical and the edge is curled with a burnisher to give it a slight burr.  It is this burr that does the cutting and allows the scrape to take an extremely fine cut without tearing out the grain.  It has a 1" diameter concave sole. They are made of hard maple with solid brass fittings.  Both come with clear instructions and are supplied sharpened, ready for honing and burnishing.


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